Think and Grow Rich

The Think And Grow Rich Video Collection

It is the day of transformation.

When someone has “That's it!” or “I have HAD IT”, and then they can began their journey of transformation.

Along that path of transformation, they almost always rediscovered the work of Napoleon Hill, that no name guy who Andrew Carnegie singled out, to study the traits and characteristics of the mega wealthy of America…someone who Carnegie trusted so much, that he'd pay his salary for more than a decade, awaiting the results of the research.

Now, it was not in an ivory tower that Hill worked, and his success did not come from Carnegie either, but from formulating the laws of success, and applying them to his individual life, and his revelation that his new knowledge could be called something as simple as Think and Grow Rich, and he, Napoleon Hill, would indeed become rich. Not rich because he had devised a scheme to defraud, but rather a formula of focused thinking, working in his mastermind, to formulate the need of the world – the simple steps to growing wealth in record time. While it wasn't in hours, Hill's achievement allowed him to produce more millionaires from his paperback's page than any other publication in print.

Anyone involved in business, who wants to grow rich, who has heard of think and grow rich, will enjoy this newly discovered video set of Napoleon Hill videos, discussing the principles he discovered, and his revelation that the mind of man (or woman) is the key driver in finding success.

Napoleon Hill discovered the essential secrets to growing a fortune, and simply by thinking of money and a nice future, you are failing to follow his success recipe.

This is the recipe followed by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie, and others. People who truly have made enormous fortunes, who mastered their mind, discovered their personal power, and applied a simple principle or two that was most effective.

After all, millions have read this information, ignored it, and gone on to lead pathetic worthless lives. Will you be the one who spends the hours to apply the principles, to listen to the audio and videos, and learn how to help a person, to make a difference, to discover the way to first feed others in order to become fed yourself? Do this, and you can become wealthy beyond measure, very much like Andrew Carnegie did (in today;s dollars, Carnegie would be considered a trillionaire…)
Definiteness of Purpose


Going the extra mile

Applied Faith

Pleasing Personality

Self Discipline

Positive Mental Attitude


Personal Initiative

Overcoming Adversity and Defeat

Creative visiion

Accurate Thinking