Cruise and Travel University Travel Sales Certification (TSC)

By attending Cruise and Travel University, you can obtain your Travel Sales Certification. Your TSC places you among an elite group of travel agents who are committed to continuing their education and expanding their knowledge of the travel industry.

Earning your TSC is quick, easy and fun. But it's also about learning & career growth. While you are on one of our training programs you'll spend comprehensive time in class. Cruise and Travel University is a working cruise, one with a seamless blend of education, port experiences, peer learning and the cruise experience itself.

Cruise and Travel University is not only a cost-effective way for you to maintain your status, become certified and increase your selling expertise, it is also the most effective use of time for agents that are truly serious about their product knowledge and the desire to turn that knowledge into increased profits.

What is the Curriculum Guarantee?

We promise you that all courses will be offered as presented on EVERY Cruise and Travel University. You can have complete confidence that classes, except in extreme situations, will not be canceled.

There is NO minimum number of travel agent attendees required. When you decide to attend Cruise and Travel University you can have the certainty that we will provide a true educational experience not just a cruise.

Cruise and Travel University Class Titles and descriptions

  • Mastering your best sales tool: YOU
    teaches you proven sales techniques to increase your current business. It also focuses on your drive and sales ability by helping you identify your strongest ideas and focusing your expectations in the travel industry.
  • Groups Cruise and Tours
    teaches you why groups can be highly profitable, how to find promising groups to target, what it takes to negotiate favorable terms with suppliers and how to time your group planning.
  • Essentials of the travel industry
    sometimes we are so focused on our corner of the travel industry that we forget or ignore how other travel sectors affect us. This course solves that, a "crash course" overview of the travel industry and how its various sectors interrelate, whether home based or at a brick and mortar agency, whether a veteran or a beginner, you'll discover the "big picture" and how it affects you.

  • Increasing your sales
    you'll learn numerous ways to prospect for new individual and group business, with a focus on free and low cost opportunities to attract new clients
  • Plane, Trains, Automobiles, Hotel and Resorts too in this course you'll have a solid insider overview of the commodity suppliers of the travel industry including air transportation, rail travel, car rental, hotel and resorts.
  • Cruise and Tours
    tours & cruises have become the bedrock which travel agents have "rebuilt" what they do. This course will help you understand and tap into the deepest, most profitable ways to sell these two, all important experiences including techniques and tips you'll hear nowhere else.

How do you earn your Travel Sales Certification?

When you attend Cruise and Travel University you will have the opportunity to take various classes. During Cruise and Travel University you will be required to attend at least two of the Travel Sales Certification classes. The requirement to receive your Level 1 certification is that you must attend any three classes and pass the test associated with that class.

What is Level 1 and Level 2 certification?

You will earn your Level 1 Travel Sales Certification when you have attended three certification classes and passed the corresponding tests. Once you attain Level 1 you will then be able to work on your Level 2 certification. To earn your Level 2 certification you will need to complete an additional three classes and pass their corresponding tests. As Level 3 and above are introduced details will be posted here.

Graduate Benefits

Upon completion of the requirements to earn your Level One Travel Sales Certification you will receive:

  • Personalized certificate of completion
  • Cruise and Travel University Level One lapel pin
  • Additional benefits coming soon

Upon completion of the requirements to earn your Level Two Travel Sales Certification you will receive:

  • Personalized certificate of completion
  • Cruise and Travel University Level Two lapel pin
  • Additional benefits coming soon