Fun, Exciting, and Educational!

It just doesn't get any better then that. Imagine finding a new way to stand out and distinguish yourself, while enjoying the fun of cruising. It's the best form of OJT (on the job training) there is. Attend Cruise and Travel University and you can obtain your Travel Sales Certification (TSC) that will place you among an elite group of travel agents who are committed to continuing their education and expanding their knowledge of the travel industry. Earning your TSC is quick, easy and fun. You will get to experience:

    • Peer Learning
    • Cruise Experience
    • Hands On Training
    • Time With Industry Professionals
    • Unique Ideas
    • Travel Sales Certification
    • An Edge on Your Competition
    • And So Much More!

"Why Is An Education Important To My Future?"

Because ideas flow from education! Ideas are the lifeblood of your business and without them success cannot be reached. Think about it! All great success starts with ideas.

My future is a place where I have to spend the rest of my life. I have many experiences to look forward to and enjoy, and I'll also have different times when things aren't so good. Education plays a very important role in making my life in the future as complete and fulfilling as possible.

In my future I have to consider many occurrences that I will be required to face. There are goals that need to be attained.

I will want to give back to my travel community and join different clubs and organizations. I want to travel the world and see new places and experience different cultures. I want to be involved in helping others do the same.

How can I accomplish these things? Well, there are two paths I can follow.

The first "option" is if I don't consider my education, I will attempt to provide service and consulting to those who are looking at experiencing the wonders of the world. They will take my recommendations and enjoy their travels to numerous locations but not actually know the culture of these worlds. They will come across some of the wonders but will not truly experience them.

How it works

The other path I can take is getting an education in travel. I can graduate from University of Travel and begin and continue my career as a travel agent. I can learn in and out of the classroom about new and exciting travel locations. I can grow into a responsible travel agent.

I can become involved in the travel industry organizations, meet new people, and have fun as well.

I will be able to have the time and ability to show the industry how important an education really is and become a positive role model to them.

I will now be able to travel as I have always dreamed of. I will be able to fulfill the dreams of those who I help with their dreams of travel. They will now fully experience the various cultures and the beautiful sights around the world.

I can do what I feel is right for my life and even if I do not accomplish all of my dreams I did better then if I would have never tried at all.

I love to learn new ideas, and I have bright plans for my travel career. I know that the University of Travel will offer me a wonderful experience with endless opportunity. I will contribute to society rather then take from it. I will show every person that has ever helped me, that their efforts have paid off on me and that I never gave up when the obstacles stood in front of me. I can have knowledge to pass on to the future generations of travel agents.

My education is important to my future because it is the true line between a travel agent who provides or one who merely gets by.

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We offer various types of training you can select from live either aboard a cruise ship or during one of our camps. If you prefer to train while in your office we provide online training that you can access at any time.

This is my fourth Cruise and Travel University and I have enjoyed everyone of them. I will attend many more. Former Student
Hallelujah, your classes, management and organization for your Cruise and Travel University was thoughtfully and carefully handled. You run your classes in an organized, business-like manner with a perfect amount of fun. I am so very happy to find out that your training sessions are ...informative, educational and filled with knowledge of our industry. Former Student