Why should I join STARS when there are other organizations?

  • When you become a member of STARS you are distinguishing yourself from those travel agents who treat the travel industry as a hobby.
  • You are adding more credibility to your skills. 
  • You are making a statement that you are serious about providing your clients with the high quality service and superior knowledge. 
  • You are saying that you are proud to be in the travel industry. 
  • STARS is the only travel agent organization to becontrolled and operated by the individual travel agent?

    STARS is a non-profit, bi-partisan travel agent organization representing the individual travel professional who may be working as a home-based and independent travel agent, in a traditional retail travel agency, as a corporate based travel agent or as an affiliate under the many Host Agency models. STARS only accepts those travel agents possessing designations from CRUISE AND TRAVEL UNIVERSITY, CLIA and THE TRAVEL INSTITUTE, a continuous desire to improve their training and education, subject themselves to background checks, work under a strict code of ethics and who wishes to be recognized as a Certified Travel Professional. STARS will accept individuals in the process of obtaining their designations as Travel Professionals.

    STARS will accept non-designated travel professionals that, for their own reasons, prefer not to possess a CLIA , THE TRAVEL INSTITUTE or TSC designation. STARS will review each application on a case by case basis.

    STARS provides support services to its membership.

    STARS provides access to the best available training and education available covering all aspects of travel.

    STARS works closely with preferred travel suppliers to improve communications and commission levels between travel professional and the supplier of travel.

    STARS works with all segments of the travel industry to promote the advantages of working with a travel professional.

    STARS works with consumers to emphasize working with a travel professional is the best way to fulfill their travel needs and expectations.

    STARS offers an opportunity to travel agents to become a Certified Travel Professional and truly be recognized for their achievements.

    STARS welcomes only individual travel agents as voting members.

    STARS will establish a member advisory committee to help direct its future goals and commitments.


    STARS is a bi-partisan professional organization exclusively representing the individual travel professional. STARS mission is to service, train, and support its members and recognizing their professional achievements in the travel industry.

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